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October 2020

— I just hate the fact Apple wants to get paid even for creating a folder in your Desktop


If C were a bike then it would be a BMX
Rust is like a proper road bike.
I guess JavaScript could be an all terrain bike. Wildly useful yet not particularly well optimized for anything.

— I hate macos / ios as a whole, bloaty slow trash, the GUI is nice but useless

— But what V8 does is impressivw

— That system is so un-optimized how can one call it optimized i don’t really understand

— Meh, MacOS is still okay.

— I love the userland. The system internals are not what I am used at all.

— You can literally take the most expensive imac pro that exists, open up „activity monitor“ on clean booted system and resize the window

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— And the entire renderer will fuck up


— Fuck buying a mac tho

— I have a core2duo 2008 mini on 10.6 still. For testing PPC code in Rosetta.