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October 2020

— Xdd


JS/ES is just that: script. Don't expect proper optimizations from it but do expect syntactic flexibility.

— Remember: the DOM is single-threaded

— If browser improves, performance too

— I also thought about the problem of UI performance on hybrid apps. That could be solved if the browser is able to parse somehow the HTML and map it to native UI components that runs natively on the Android/iOS..

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— Idk just make native apps + web app flutter / rnative / blazor

— Pre-optimization is the root

— But if you want a web app too for pc, tv.. you already need to code more times

— Blazor 🤧

— Event loop, dom is a tree

— Yeah but... never mind. You'll figure it out.

— I worked with React Native.. in the ende you are doing React-Native + Java (Android) + Swift/Object-C (iOS).. not just one code

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