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October 2020

— Explain to the old skeleton


There's nothing to the humor. It just says cringe. Otherwise I did some texture synth/resynthesis work on a portion of the original screencap.

— Though pic could be funny in the context of using it as an image macro.

— Ooke..

— TypeScript 4.0 release notes (summarized):

1) more tight editor integration

(in 2 years)

— TypeScript is already too perfect to have more features

— We need native runtime

— I mean typed V8

— Sure u can lvvm to wasm eg. asmscript but that’s cringe

— V8 is C++ which is already typed

— Yeah, but would be cool if you could exec ts natively and it’d be as fast as typed language not cringe dynamic js

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— But yes you can just go for asmscript and interop some little DOM calls