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October 2020

— Yes but AFAIK local storage entries might have to be text encoded.


Nd then ifdef each entry ez

i mean i need to store the user local projects, something like photoshop does with your projects and i may need to store other things like themes so yeh this is it 10/10

— Json.stringify pff

— Local storage set items are *kinda* like cookies but not sent to the server implicitly.

— Well, you can also use msgpack and base64 it but that is convoluted and harder to debug or even work with.

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— Also be discriminate about what can or should be regenerated upon session load e.g. what goes where in terms of localStorage, sessionStorage, or cookies.

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— Like if an app is misbehaving from bad cached data, you might know the old adage of "clear cookies/cache and refresh". Well, if the problem cached data is constrained to session specific data then you won't have to lose all of your cached state info by just letting the user restart the thing instead of having to go through the often more manual pain in the ass of nuking things.

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— Where did you all learn this things??

— Https://

— Https://

— Sent to the server.. wat u say..

— Prove it🤤