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October 2020

— Why do you need to test for FF3.6?


That's a dumb question coming from me. I love stupid legacy browser compat code and environment probing/testing.

— Idk do I i prolly don't

— I just need cross-browser solution and .length seems to be enough lel

— I don't think local storage is an inherently iterable thing

— I could be wrong here though.

— You could see if the thing has a length property and if it's typeof number beforehand to be safe

— Or i can just store list of needed entries in the localstorage itself

— Yes but AFAIK local storage entries might have to be text encoded.

— Nd then ifdef each entry ez

i mean i need to store the user local projects, something like photoshop does with your projects and i may need to store other things like themes so yeh this is it 10/10

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— Json.stringify pff

— Local storage set items are *kinda* like cookies but not sent to the server implicitly.