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October 2020

— Way different.


You are not event supposed to create filters with glsl shader code, i mean, imagine gaussian blur filter, you may need several passes etc

— Glsl shaders are for realtime „mostly light“ rendering lel

— I don't know dude. Never worked with em.

— Eventually you can make up with gl.compute and go for toy raytracer

— Yes

— Stick with accelerated svgs for filters xd

— Okay okay Base64 is good🤤 it's in the browser too

— > accelerated SVGs
lol, wuht?

— Oh, you suffer in this jungle😅⚰️ it's a tree btw, not shit

— Idk bruh, imagine coding for several days and seeying white pixel as a result, what a porn 🤤

— Ffs my 8k lines are growing on commits