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October 2020

— Lel what i am already specialized


Base64 is silly but when you are forced to encode binary data as text, it will generally compress back down to close to the binary sizes anyway. Still, it's a silly thing any not really something you want to have to do on sufficiently large binary payloads.

— I am deep gl developer 🤤

— Cool

— Js ’n web shit is only side job

— I always wanted to try my hand at GLSL for filter effects.

— Better go with vulkan nowadays… if you don’t care about web-friendliness

— But instead I work within SVG filters so far.

— Ah ic

— Or just bitmap transform functions on a framebuffer which are slow to get to the screen.

— Idk webgl and it can’t be slow xd

— If it is you are doing bad math then