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October 2020

— Max load tests


So, Default when ther is no debouncer - max smoothness and CPU load, debounce gives some visual lags (less smoth resize) and minimal CPU load, debounce and throttle.. i think it's like i divider 100/3==33, but maybe more effective somehow🤔

— Tf are you reinventing debouce mechanism

— You mean i should copy paste on timers from SO🤤 or wat

— Your 8k don't give me a break.. i want code 8k too🤤 a new ansync/await tech on promises, right

— What is wrong with this code??

— Fosho

— By the way figma is coolest webapp ever created

— Nothing wrong, it has name "fake" that may mean that counter depends on random numbers or other synthetic input

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— Love the way it’s emscripten-ed c++ yet you can’t tell and it’s super fast

— What are you talking about, M8000, i don't understand🤤

— Idk bruh don’t tell me it’s not a living porn