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October 2020

— Well, not really


Well, I will have to go back and look. I know this is a browser setting and CSS feature query and I would swear I have the correct thing toggled for that, but I have all animations disabled in Telegram too.

— Theoretically, the CSS media setting should be enabled by the browser (or Telegram in this case) because of a systemwide setting, not per-app

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— This way I see my dice rolling and others' still

— Yeah. I know

— Yeah, I know

— What is it with so many people rolling dice anyway? lol

— It's cool :D

— How are you buddy? It's been a while since we talked

— Hi :) I am fine, thanks

— banofbot

— 🔫 George Casey has been kicked — the only way to get this user back is for admins to manualy unban in chat settings.

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determin1st, Rudy94, Otumian_empire, martinmuzatko, RubenVerg
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