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October 2020

— 8k lines of code i see


People are being assholes probably knowing there's no way to disable this in the client. Excessive animations are rudely distracting to me and nauseating at the moment.

— Oh thank fuck it stopped.

— Lol I was almost upset but I know what that vid is so it's all good.

— Are you Nigerian? I just followed you on Twitter by reverse image searching your profile pic. If you're that is.

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— Peace mane. ☮️

— Can't be 8k, way too much

— Yeah that's me

— Stupid info-site designs... never look at them

— Cool, I followed you. I am

— Oh. I hope referencing this doesn't fall under the promotion umbrella. If so will delete.

— You see the follow request and re-follow right there, at the platform