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October 2020

— That neither has to do with democracy nor with authority 😢


Sure, any dictator would say that🤤 just ignore, it doesn't break any rule.. what you do btw, some kind of a project maybe🤔

— Hi guys I just bought my PC window 7 so I don't know my username and password if I want to connect plz how will I find my username and password

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— Which Windows Edition do you have? Iirc youll need win 7 pro. Also, please upgrade to Win8 or Win10

— I don't have

— Then you cant use remote desktop

— Window 7

— Nonono, win7 is perfectly fine, dont advice that.. 8-10 are telemetry garbage first of all

— Ask your ISP support

— 👆got this cool bug🤤 resize cycled somewhere.. kek, i thought debounce algo is included in ResizeObserver, seems it should be implemented..

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— banofbot ?

— 🔫 LegiDev has been kicked — the only way to get this user back is for admins to manualy unban in chat settings.

Voters who chose to kick:
RubenVerg, Fantasticbabe5, suresh m, determin1st, leondesign
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