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October 2020

— Hey there i just dont get the meaning of an Api can someone tell me


An API can for example interact with another sites database just by using a given API key and a link

— The API will handle the request and sends back the information you asked for

— IF the request is valid

— Good

— I want test navigate different route(page detail) in svelte. Any one have tried yet?

— The API isn't really needed sometimes

— Thanks

— Test with cypress for end2end tests. (You can use cypress for many other tests too)
Otherwise, you can use about any testing framework for testing components and routing

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— In this video, we can learn
1. How to use accessor properties
2. Hoisting basics
3. typeof returns string

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— Dem why :(

— Hi guys, i need help, how can i get a feel for the images imported into wordpress media? Is there a function?

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