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October 2020

— Depends what u mean by initialize inside tho


class Foo extends Component {
// ...
class Bar extends Component {
// ...

how to create 2 Bars inside Foo?

— You don't create instances yourself, you render em

— React does the instance handling for u

— It'd be like

render() {
return (
<Bar />
<Bar />

Inside the foo class

— Like on rerenders it checks with some fiber magic which components need a rerender and updates the instances, if you do it wrong (or on purpose) you can also create new instances instead of updating the existing ones

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— Oke, so it's doable..

— Well ofc, but that's no subcomponent then, that's a child, guess naming conventions aren't equal everywhere :p

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— Ea

— There is a Modal library i can import it in react??

— Nice font:

— Https://