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October 2020

— Js developer from Nigeria.


Welcome to the JS group of the planet. roasted crocodile🍖 and potato🍟 will be served soon, until then have a sip of green tea☕️🍬

— Quality content👍 despite pronunciation🤤

— Michael, I didn't know you are so neighborly

— If we put Michael at the frontier to greet and welcome people, I have worries

— Because i don't have to kill the crocodile yet🤤

— Don't you think when you are using React Hooks it doesn't make sense too much to talk about SOLID principles?

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— Well by replacing extension with composition, maybe

— SOLID is some kind of an illusion, imo

— Please elaborate on this

— I've just read, it lists 5 principles.. how you can do all five from the start🤨 or you mean the framework will do all of them for you

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— You don't need a framework to follow SOLID