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October 2020

— Sounds like a decent idea. Just make sure you defined allowed origins on your API server. Or simply reply with 403 code to all other origins.

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Wanna discuss redux vs properly used reactjs' context API. Are these approaches equally capable of managing the app' state? Is context API inferior to redux? Feel free to send PMs with relevant links.

— DocumentFragment is dead API:

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— Hello guys, any group discussing testing library om telegram?

— 🤣🤣🤣

— Https://

— If it is related to javascript you can discuss here

— I wouldn't know of a pure testing group

— Hello guys, I am new here

— Js developer from Nigeria.

— Welcome to the JS group of the planet. roasted crocodile🍖 and potato🍟 will be served soon, until then have a sip of green tea☕️🍬

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— Quality content👍 despite pronunciation🤤