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October 2020

— What is bad about a,b,c ?


Is actually better..when they see your code in something that is working they can not alllow to fire you and you can ask for a raise

— Newbie would say that he/she uses only meaningful names..

— Whats the best way to run multiple websites on 1 node express API?

— Use a Reverse Proxy if you have multiple apps or websites.

— Otherwise: could you elaborate what problems you are encountering?

— I'm not encountering any problems yet

— I wanna share files for a website that all connect to the same API

— So my question is can I host my API on a different server and let multiple websites connect to it?

— And what do you mean by using a reverse proxy to do it?

— Sounds like a decent idea. Just make sure you defined allowed origins on your API server. Or simply reply with 403 code to all other origins.

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— Wanna discuss redux vs properly used reactjs' context API. Are these approaches equally capable of managing the app' state? Is context API inferior to redux? Feel free to send PMs with relevant links.

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