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October 2020

— Found this


I doubt it's usefulness.. scripts/styles are cached by the browser.. plus, a good dev may put everything on the server

— What is bad about a,b,c ?

— Is actually better..when they see your code in something that is working they can not alllow to fire you and you can ask for a raise

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— Newbie would say that he/she uses only meaningful names..

— Whats the best way to run multiple websites on 1 node express API?

— Use a Reverse Proxy if you have multiple apps or websites.

— Otherwise: could you elaborate what problems you are encountering?

— I'm not encountering any problems yet

— I wanna share files for a website that all connect to the same API

— So my question is can I host my API on a different server and let multiple websites connect to it?

— And what do you mean by using a reverse proxy to do it?