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October 2020

— Issue is i am not able to browse as most of the sites use googlefonts 😅


I have blocked the domain so that loading time is not affected, but some sites dont work fine without googlefonts

— Doesn't it cache or something? Load a font for a site and you have it for all of them

— Nope.. It fetches for every url.. The http request to googlefonts is never completed

— How did you block the domain

— /etc/hosts - pointed the domain to localhost

— I'd use ABP's "blocked websites" feature

— Point it to non-existing address, like

— No, that way you can provide a server returning some fonts you have installed

— Found this

— I doubt it's usefulness.. scripts/styles are cached by the browser.. plus, a good dev may put everything on the server

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— What is bad about a,b,c ?