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October 2020

— Title itself is enough to know ...n this is not an Ads...I don't require really


Hey i have questions
A have tic tac toe project
I wanna when the player win
He stop getting value
I wanna to stop respond

— Another one do you have a instagram channel i wanna share it

— How can i do it ??

— Instagram programmer.. something new😅 i know stack overflow programmer

— Hh😅

— Nice one 😂

— Well so no context, literally an ad

— Guess: Does he mean programer humor stuff or serious stuff? 🤔

— I used to think this too but now I recommend just using images for icons

— Fonts are way smaller than a SVG sheet with all the icons inside. It's also a nice way tho if you don't have thousands of icons

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— Good morning btw