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April 2017

— But you will eventually see the work too, and learn how to read source code other people wrote


Once you start spending time reverse engineering other peoples work, you can learn a lot and it's very hands-on

— I'm liking the fact that this group is coming alive again

— I think I'll code a lot of stuff because I learn more by making, not reading etc.

— Ok

— Same, learning by doing is my thing too

— Ok :3

— The best thing of learning by making, it's that you really undrstand how does programmig work

— E.g: if you want to print number from 1 to 10, you'll type: for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) { alert(i);}, i becomes 1, then 2 etc., you understand it if you learn it by making

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— Yes! Because if your read it you are like "Ok. That's nice that it works like this" but reading is mostly just for one case and if you try around with your code you really see what you can do with one simple for loop

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— Ye, usually I need a lot of time to understand simple concepts

— But when I do, I understand them 100%