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October 2020

— Sorry,I forgot that it's a library


What are the problems you are currently facing and what does the lib or framework promise to solve that? :)

— Did anyone of u guys worked with react lazy before?

— I think it just blew my build to 47mb 😂

— Gg, how many games are included 👀

— Ofc

— The goal is to have all icons of the material-icons in my app, i did it liek in this example

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— I mean... including around 6000 icons, this is perhaps already the best solution and this 47mb build is my new home now.

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— 🤷‍♂️

— Never seen a lazy loaded npm module tho, would've to do research if that's possible like this

— It is possible but its not recommended i found out. there are way way better ways to do this. but nice to see whats it not good for

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— Fyi the way better solution is to go with the font-icons <Icon>face</Icon