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October 2020

β€” Team vanilla 🀀


Oh Thanks, So i miss understand this selector:
$('.myClass', container)

Is that means to select all of child elements with myClass class in container parent?

β€” Cause of using wordpress theme that its framework using jQuery and I need to develop it :(

β€” Actually not

β€” Dem :(

β€” Dont know.. you are jq specialist🀀 i only know that's the selection problem

β€” Thank you a lot πŸ™

β€” Hello guys, I'm new to react and I'm having troubles creating a react app. I get these bunch of error lines and it's very confusing

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β€” Who understands what's going on and what can I do??

β€” Your jsx is broken, why the fuck should someone write

β€” Hi guys,faced with a dilemma,can't choose between Vanila JS framework and React JS framework:с

β€” When is a framework not vanilla anymore? :D