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October 2020

— Those all fake, like python group member count


It is hard to measure popularity. This is why we have surveys like state of js.
According to them, vue is even above angular:

— Angular is very dominant in this graph because nobody understands Angular and everyone is looking for the same answers. (figuratively)

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— I would categorize them by how used are them in current internet and how often are they choosed for new projects, in big corporates

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— The "used it and would not use it again" rate for Angular is very high and for vue very low

— 😂

— I am unable to solve this... access denied problem....

Help me

— You should not hack that computer, is illegal

— You do it like for every other app or service too: you follow the password recovery strategies. E.g. recover by email. Or as for self-hosted services: set it up once again

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— I think you need to have your user and password of mysql, maybe your root password of mysql is changed! or maybe there is no root user there!

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— So there is no way to update this code ... 😶😶

— You can start MySQL and instruct it to load a password from a file which will be the new root password

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