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October 2020

— Oh sorry, I meant new version of jQuery!


$( selector ).live( events, data, handler );                // jQuery 1.3+
$( document ).delegate( selector, events, data, handler ); // jQuery 1.4.3+
$( document ).on( events, selector, data, handler ); // jQuery 1.7+

— Similar unanswered question:

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— Soon jQuery should die...

— Kek, Vue's dead

— Is not dead,, it's just too slowly raising

— Evan You has not Facebook's advertisement power

— Only by this metric.
Not by others:

— Not sure if github stars amount defines their future xD

— Those all fake, like python group member count

— It is hard to measure popularity. This is why we have surveys like state of js.
According to them, vue is even above angular:

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— Angular is very dominant in this graph because nobody understands Angular and everyone is looking for the same answers. (figuratively)

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