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October 2020

— We don't wanna go there


Ppl want IDE to do some automation, but in the deep abyss it starts to distrub more rather than help

— How can autocompletion disturb you

— Well, not exactly disturb, more like dumb down

— This yeh

— Write 8k lines of code with your hands and you will know🤤 jeez, let me calc something..

— The main issue I have with it is that it can make developers unaware of what is happening

— Is 8k supposed to be a lot? heh

— People don’t even perceive the syntax and everything and then they are making hell af

— Omegalul you still don’t belive me

— Ofc not, that's a copy-paste you said

— Exaclty, some of my older projects have 15k+ and are hand-written in Clion / MS ide c++