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April 2017

— You will get better at problem solving, it is a learned skill


Also learning how to read programming documentation is a learned skill... like learning how to learn

— When I started, all the manuals made my eyes glaze over haha

— Now I have like 50 tabs open on MDN every day

— You will learn how to speed read docs and quickly get the information you need, like pieces to a puzzle

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— Ok bro, thanks to encourage me

— The fact is that when I was learning programming, i was surreonded of people who learned everythingn in some days

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— So, I gave up a bit for that

— Nothing wrong with taking breaks for awhile, it is a big part of problem solving and learning to stop, reflect, and come back to it later with a fresh mind

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— Ok

— The "Eureka!" moment is powered by this

— Ok