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October 2020

— Well it tells you if .item can be null or not ofc


The point is that I don't want to be using Object.keys to check for the key.. I want something less hacky, I like challenges

— 'key' in obj

— Gives true / false

— Yeah well, that's more elegant alternative

— It makes me lol when you try to stick TypeScript in every hole.. just make a nice data structure which will make code cute

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— obj.hasOwnProperty 'key' (for inner), obj.key for data structs

— Problem is that you can't statically determine the shape of the object

— Any example🤨

— Https://

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— I can see the types of the inner props BEFORE running the code (static analysis)

— So wat, it doesn't relate.. i dont need dropdowns.. why do i need dropdowns🤤