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October 2020

— TypeORM isn't particularly functional, I would say closer to OO


Nope, it says object. there are sql functions right in the engine.. again that's all "connected" with java..
never used them, still high-level tech for me

— Bruh prodecures are the best, at least in sql server

— Create directly an app

— Happy Monday devs, I am confused to build an attractively readable condition:

- form[key] is null, result is null
- form[key] has not `value` key, result is form[key]
- form[key] has `value` key, result is form[key].value

- Value can be: boolean, string, number, object, anything basically```My current conditional is:
```context[theKey] = form[key] && Object.keys(form[key]).includes('value') ? form[key].value : form[key]

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— Do you know a more elegant idea for that?

— Wat, i dont get.. i dumb

— What should the behavior for undefined be?

— Ok I just realized it's a bit confusing xD I will edit it

— If value is null || undefined it's like another value

— I've addicted to numeric flag recently, especially -1

flag = 0 # can be -1=initial, 0=false, 1=true

if ~flag
if flag
# 1...
# 0...
# -1..


if not ~flag
# -1..
else if flag
# 1...
# 0...

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— What are you even talking about