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April 2017

— Like in future


Because I'm 13/14 rn (I'll be 14 in december), and if I start learning programming and front-end development right now, I can start working at 18 years old I think.

— Wow you are young, that is a great age to start and I wish you luck

— I only started programming a lot when I turned 21, I am 23

— Ok I started at 10 years old tbh

— Then I gave up a lot

— Because I'm so denied in programming/problem solving

— Tbh I'm more good in Humanistic subject, but them are pretty boring. So, I chose the scientific school for high schoo.

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— Dont worry

— You will get better at problem solving, it is a learned skill

— Also learning how to read programming documentation is a learned skill... like learning how to learn

— When I started, all the manuals made my eyes glaze over haha