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October 2020

— Same


Mostly I use database clients to visualize / inspect stuff, if I feel like I need clearer overview than CLI / library can easily provide

— I use TypeORM to define and create tables, so I don't really make major changes other than manual small fixes to individual rows inside DBeaver

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— I need to try this *_*

— Active Record or Repository?

— Yes, now that you are fluent in TypeScript, TypeORM will be very sexy

— Repository, but it really doesn't matter

— Entity()
export class User {

id: number;

firstName: string;

lastName: string;

age: number;


entities: [ User ],
synchronize: true,
logging: true

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— This is really the crux of TypeORM

— synchronize: true for development

— Yep i already fantasized about using it

— It'll scan your class, and apply whatever changes are needed to the actual DB (creating tables, adding / removing / changing column types)

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