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October 2020

— What do you mean?


I mean drop the original task, the definition.. "make a page with two tabs and two tables inside.." etc.. browser has tabs btw

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— Hello Michael, following this example it makes two ajax calls at the same time, one for every tab, the problem is that mysql give me this error

two simultaneus mysql calls not allowed. Any simple idea front-end or back-end side?

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— Yep, you have 2 table widgets that probably make 2 api calls to the server, there should be no problem to handle both - so it's the back-end problem.. further, the example suggests to do $.fn.dataTable.tables(..).columns.adjust(); both tables(why?), which is probably wrong - only one tab is visible, so only one table should refresh.. imo, that should be tested/debugged

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— 🐇

— No frameworks is awesome but I would never completely forego at least a few libraries.

— Oh wow that message was a while back. Oops.

— Hey guys, I am a React Developer.

Do you have any suggestions of resources for learning React Native in a short period of time.

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