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October 2020

— Comic sans Mono



— Can we atleast remove those?

— We can't, that's a work for garbage collector TRGWII🤤
or just ignore it, that works sometimes

— banofbot

— ğŸ”« Sampath Kumar Bandaru has been kicked — the only way to get this user back is for admins to manualy unban in chat settings.

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determin1st, RubenVerg, martinmuzatko, Chiagoziem, ooopsieded
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— ğŸ”«ğŸ¤¤ğŸ”ª where are you hiding indian partisan, come out and surrender, maybe you'll have a chance to become a coder someday

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— How can i take the id table of the current tab with jquery?

— Re-phrase a question.. cant get

— I have two tables id: example and example1. When i'm on a specific tab i need to load that specific table id

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— Load where

— Red circle