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October 2020

— Less than a month?


God here at one university, you have to get done code that has 50k lines+ by 4 years you study there

— Well, maybe using copy-paste that is possible

— Tf u mean if i copy-pasted at this scale the code couldn't even work

— There are people who have the knowhow and google only fundamentals / examples + extract informations from these… and then there is that majority which needs to steal the code oof

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— Like you copy-paste a library and say "that's mine" or "i did it", okay

— Rip that’s poor, never done that

— And if i done so i entitled author / linked the actual lib

— I have to make a meme for that🤤


— XDDDDDDDDDd k me died

— Logo[1][1] is better....