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October 2020

— And want to generate the according files, package.json etc


Hmmm you can try to utilize existing project generators like plop or yeoman. (where yeoman is for complete projects and plop is for new modules)

— Does the json contain the content of the files to be generated?

— Ok i will have a look. uhm im thinking of generating a react + material design project, so the json file will look something like {
components: [{
'Box', 'Grid', ...

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— So this is is just an initial thought

— But also classes and perhaps more

— That was not me

— 8k is nice mid-tier project

— Are you talking about code you own or you sum libraries in there🤨

— Everything mine

— Tf u mean it’s kind-of usual to have project this big

— Are you writing it 2 years already or wat