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October 2020

β€” Remember my uml drawing svg editor? it's done and i am publishing it soon


Over 8k lines of js xdxdxd and it's still growing, i'll tell more soon just want to make the identity around first

β€” 8k sounds like cheatingπŸ˜… is it also handles 10k users and you search for a hostingπŸ€”

β€” Juhu guys, how would you approach a json to js project boilerplate project?

β€” You mean, json defined js file templates? πŸ€”

β€” Yes i have a json with all the data about the project

β€” And want to generate the according files, package.json etc

β€” Hmmm you can try to utilize existing project generators like plop or yeoman. (where yeoman is for complete projects and plop is for new modules)

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β€” Does the json contain the content of the files to be generated?

β€” Ok i will have a look. uhm im thinking of generating a react + material design project, so the json file will look something like {
components: [{
'Box', 'Grid', ...

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β€” So this is is just an initial thought

β€” But also classes and perhaps more