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October 2020

— It isnt wrong but i was thinking if this is expected, because i never have spread arrays inside objects

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Array is an object, which own keys are numbers, length and methods are inherited, so this object spreads correct.
Try to find any other possible expected result, if you can't - it is correct behavior

— Is there any free-to-use svgator alternative?

— Right top

— Right-top

— Do u know any svg animation tools or shall i write it myself?

— Gsap morph plugin

— Want to do this kind of animation

— You need it in css or svg file?

— What about framer svg animation file?

— Css is okay, i am just looking out if there is some free svg animation tool that can do this, would come really handy

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— By the way this is svgator, it’s really good one but it’s paid to export😕