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October 2020

β€” Some kind of a bug or am I a rich beaaachπŸ€”πŸ˜… must be a bug, single day clicks..


Is it possible...if anyone types my site url manually....he/she should not go to my website... because I am using my site in Webview

β€” Any help please

β€” How to display calendar using Html/css/jquery

β€” Is any plugin is available


<input type="date">

β€” Nope wanted to display full calendar for selection of date for enable and disabled for booked or availability

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β€” Https://

β€” I dont want to display input box then click later select from calendar

β€” Just display calnendar directly and from the calendar let vendor make selection and make availabiity of their hotel rooms

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β€” What type of the logo do u like most?

β€” Sry for asking in non-design group but it’s for my js app i was discussing here few times lel :d