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October 2020

— Also little complicated thing: fetch is async, so this means that it doesn't just return a value, it instead returns a Promise (that is, a wrapper for a value that can either contain it or tell you it is being processed.) To use it easily you'll have to prepend the call with await (that calls the promise and waits until it's done)

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A) I'm the child here
B) I mean, here's a phone. You can call other people with it. You can play games. You also always want to be near me when you use it (we don't want the kids into porn, do we?). Wonder why? Try and figure it out yourself. Can't tell? Alright! Here's why *opens wikipedia*

— *sigh* I just lost all motivation to explain stuff

— I think I am I should use form tag for that

— Reply expert please

— Reply me


— No. RubenVerg is your personal guide for the rest of the day

— Y...

— Got school stuff to do :()

— Two types of requests: (1) navigation and (2) data/api..

— Or call it foreground and background as Misan