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October 2020

— In worst case write a generator that from one, maybe json object, generate that 4 different schemas


Does anyone know how I can dynamically add a script that is loaded and executed before other script tags from the static html are loaded and executed? Basically dynamically adding a blocking script.
TRGWII do you have an idea?

— Write it on your head tag?

— Scripts are executed in order of how they are loaded, unless you put async/defer on them

— I need to dynamically add the script tags but they should be loaded and executed before other script tags that are not dynamically added

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— The other script tags are already part of the initial html

— Then you need a script before all other scripts that controls loading of ALL scripts.

— Is there no other way?

— There is no way with html only to make sure, that the first script is done executing (especially if it involves async loading of new content) before other scripts load

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— No no no, no need to guess

— Cant I block loading and executing of static scripts with dynamically added scripts?

— Maybe what you want is module bundling