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October 2020

— There is an interface ErrorConstructor too


interface ErrorConstructor {
new(message?: string): Error;
(message?: string): Error;
readonly prototype: Error;

— It's in the lib.es5.d.ts definitions

— Any php and javascript developer here

— Come personal

— Ask your questions in the group directly, anyone can benefit from the solutions provided by others

— I have another type question :)
Does TypeORM generate type definitions for models out of their classes? :O It feels alluring to me.
Maybe I can teach bookshelf too, to bring their types.
I hate to define my types in 4 different schemas.
* Typescript
* ORM (Bookshelf) for validation (joi)
* Swagger
* ... graphql? etc.

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— I think you can just use your model as a type?

— That would be awesome 🤔

— Definitely that would be the best way.. define something 4 times doesn't make sense

— In worst case write a generator that from one, maybe json object, generate that 4 different schemas

— Does anyone know how I can dynamically add a script that is loaded and executed before other script tags from the static html are loaded and executed? Basically dynamically adding a blocking script.
TRGWII do you have an idea?

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