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October 2020

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Team i.Fest and the IEEE WIE Affinity Group at DA-IICT are out with a hackathon, Tic Tech Toe '20.

Tic Tech Toe, since 2016, is a vibrant hackathon where all the programmers, developers, and designers come together under one roof and develop mind-boggling theme-based mobile/web applications.

Tic Tech Toe aims to bridge this unprecedented gap between innovators and industrialists, and, help industries grow, especially during this still-global situation.

Event Details:
Date: 07-08 November ‘20
Venue of the program: Online
Registration Link:

Prominent speakers and Judges will also interact with the participants and share innovative ideas.

The hackathon will continue for 36 hours, and we are excited to see some great innovation.

Hurry up, register on the link, and grab prizes worth Rs. 2 lakh.
We are enthused to see you all and reward you all with loads of prizes!

Contact details:-
Devanshu: 97145 33000
Madhavendra: 94277 72012

— Hii

— Do you conduct online class for java script

— How much u pay

— Https://

— Still haven't found a use case for switch

— Switches
Search this in the article

— Let me know if you have any questions.. martinmuzatko

— I know how switch works, I just find them too verbose and unflexible in general

— It depends on what is your use case...though if you have used complex if and else then it's better to use switch...

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— I prefer function maps.