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October 2020

— 😂😂


I just realized when someone asks: "Can I ask you a question?" it's actually unrespectful because they are pretending they are kind by asking but they are asking something they already did (asking a question) because it's a question itself. It's like asking Can I eat your sandwich while you are eating it

— It's like when you ask someone "Can I get your phone number?" while you sniff the network and get it by inspecting the outgoing WhatsApp packets. Because we all do that... no?

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— 3.5

— 0.1 + 0.2 --> 0.30000000000000004

— Hold on hold on

— You just blew my mind, I though it was 4

— JS is like with your ex, you are never right

— Https://

— Because

— Hello everybody!
quick question:

async find(id: string): Promise<User> {
const user = this.userModel.findById(id);
if (!user) {
throw new NotFoundException();
return user;

I have a method like that in one of my services.
however it's complaining that my return value is nullable even tho I'm checking for it and throwing an exception before returning

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— Error found, I was not awaiting.