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October 2020

β€” Just run them, i see no problem


I mean, I wanna share files but they all must connect to my database but I don't wanna give any login information of the database to them. So they need to get information from the database and insert into the database without having the login credentials.

β€” Do you know another solution instead of an API

β€” Im not sure wat you mean but sounds funny🀀

β€” You can configure db to allow by ip or something

β€” Yes I knew that option

β€” But I want them not to have access to pages

β€” If they don't have like a license

β€” Is there another option except for IP

β€” Another option is to quit searching wierd configs and start with a small step🀀

β€” Noo

β€” Can multiple websites easily connect to the same database on mongodb