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October 2020

β€” Toxic wastes anyone🀨 be honest with yourself🀀 boring shouldn't win


Please can some one help me out,
I'm a beginner in JavaScript and wanted to ask for help on how I can make my web page remember choices, options, and other stuff on reload using JavaScript

β€” Learn to use browser storage

β€” There's localStorage, SessionStorage and indexedDB

β€” And cookies

β€” Right πŸ‘Œ


What backend framework to learn next?
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- Node.js
23 votes

β€” Ye, traditionally it's kept on server-side, user session through cookie tag.. may keep in browser with localStorage or others

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β€” Nodejs is a server runtime. A framework would be express, koa or nest

β€” You know what i mean

β€” I think the answers you will get, will depend a lot on the groups you are asking this question.

β€” You seem to be very free every day