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April 2017

— And I am using cf


Upon further investigation they may be implementing their auth in-memory without storing credentials for guests

— That is smart way of doing it since you dont want freely available credentials to be open to anyone

— Heh, if I wanted to do this I would go one layer up and train a neural network how to play the game, implement interaction at the system level by directly/virtually controlling the mouse pointer

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— Haha - would be cool

— The bot would not have to "see" the DOM itself, just the visual representation of it

— Seeing the real DOM (ie a button element so you can click) is very hard with js

— Insofar as running user agent scripts

— PhantomJS?

— Okay, it's Node

— Yes if he were to roll a custom client he should use that

— I have seen phantomjs in the wild for non-test solutions like scraping