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October 2020

— I don't get how redux is related to API calls for u, it's just a management lib 🤔


I mean I see what u wanna go to, "making API calls in actions", but that's not related to redux tho, you could do the same in mobx or react's own context api

— What is reacts equivalent to vues and angulars scope/$ vars?

— Personally I manage such stuff in a util folder, api calls aren't related to any lib or logic, they may be used everywhere but I like em at one central place, might differ per person and style tho 🤷🏿‍♂️

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— Like.. in vue I can define global plugins (this.$axios.get() and in angular I can define so called services available in all modules

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— Redux-saga is related to it

— Am I the only one using plain-old fetch for api?

— Too low-level for me

— React has no direct global store, you can mock one very easily but idk, defining axios and using the instance every works also

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— Idk -saga tbh

— How do you do DI in react then? 🤔

— (not by using, only by name)