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October 2020

— No Problem...🌸


Anybody can help me regarding designing the email templates


Like while I am sending confirmation email to user, they receive the html javascript code instead of that UI behind that.

I want to send something like this from back-end after user's successful payment

— How to achieve this with js?

— Wat instead wat

— You can use any mail service like Sendgrid, mandrill, postmark, sendinblue etc

— Can't we just code it in Nodejs itself?

— You can use nodemailer if you want to with say gmail as your mail server

— I am using nodemailer already

— Means I am sending email from nodemailer

— I think u didn't understand my qstn

— But, AFAIK, it tunnels on port 25 & and a lot of cloud servers block port 25

— Ohh, you mean the html code is being printed?