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October 2020

— This is false


Angluar: Big monster of a framework. Best documentation, tutorials, and integrations; but you'll be learning it for a long time. Also really heavy, even when treeshaking is applied.

React: Litterally a bring-your-own-framework. They give you little to nothing outside of the base library that handles "reactive" JavaScript. License is kind of iffy, but otherwise it's decent if you need something really lightweight.

Vue: Probably the best of both worlds. It's small enough, but still manages to have a fuck ton of features and be easy to learn. Besides that it has pretty decent docs, plenty of tutorials, and lots of third party extensions that can add any features it happens to be missing. The one downside is their .Vue file approach which combines your template, JS, and styles into one file, but then again React does basically the same with JSX.

— How does that contradict "one have to learn ts if they go with angular"

— Angular is available in pure JS as well

— The hype deceived me.

— And deceiving many others as well.

— I learnt typescript before javascript and i dont think learning typescript can be used as a major argument since you can even code react in ts

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— Wat

— Angular is like a kitchen, react is like a cooking stove

— Just call them carrot farmers

— 😂😂😂😂😂😂

— Wt do u mean😶