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September 2020

— Pig god



my audience is a project-manager🤤 should be the default, imo

— Examples in images (Figure X) are unreadable🤤 can't get what they mean..

— Italian?

— Https://

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— I am trying to build a gated/authenticated page (just one page) for a friends website where it will be open for people who pay, any recommendations for a small and easy database I can use, I do not want to use a separate server for this, maybe I can use something with serverless functions?

What would you suggest?

1. Firebase, but I think this will be a overkill.
2. Fauna DB - but this will require me to read Fauna Querying Language, which will again take time.
3. I dunno if I can use Mongo Atlas with Vercel Serverless Functions
4. - but $50 is too expensive.

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— What is the database for?

— He teaches music, and trying to experiment online paid live classes, and does not want to use a third party service, wants it on his own website which I have made.

What would you recommended for something like this?
I had thought of making a page which is open only to people who'd pay via stripe and send them their username nd password and it will be available for them.

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— fayazara

— theirrepressible1 Yes, explained my usecase above.

— So you've already integrated stripe in your app?

— I can integrate it, I haven't started yet, was just researching on how to solve this requirement.