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September 2020

— Why not?


Because almost everything needs a human interface, so you observe it in the browser (maybe over the network) where everything is controlled by JS (client)

— Client javascript also may absorb some server's algorithms.. (CSR for example).. but ppl prefer NODE because it's less noisy world, more quieter

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— I can share code between frontend and backend if i use nodejs

— I'm using link prefetch for faster loading of pages.
It's working fine on chrome/opera but not on Firefox.
Any one has idea about it??

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— I am trying to use slice function to make a subarray from a array.
My question is

Lets say i have an array

Let arr = [1,2,3,4,5]
Now i want to make new subarray like this
How i am gonna make it?
I know that slice function doesn't include the last index.
So please help

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— You can call slice with only the first argument

— If i use only one argument then how would it slice the arr?
What would be the starting and last index?

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— Arg 2 defaults to length of the array

— Try

— What is Nest.js and why should use it?

— Works as a CMS i guess